How to create the ultimate tablecloth for your next party!

Create this awesome tablecloth for your next party! from

My son’s birthday is in the middle of winter. While I absolutely love living here 9 months out of the year, in the middle of winter it can be rather drab. The world around us is alternating shades of white and brown, and if you haven’t figured this out yet, I am a big fan of color. So while my reasoning for mentioning this is partly to distract from the fact that it took me more than 4 months to get around to posting about his Lego birthday party, it is also an explanation of my frame of mind when I came up with this awesome party table cloth. Color, color, color… yes please!

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The Easiest Way to Hang a Gallery Wall

The absolute easiest way to hang a gallery wall. No tape measure, no level, just simple. From




The term “gallery wall” has been used so much it is starting to sound cliché. Some people are starting to say that gallery walls are over done, but does that even make sense? A gallery wall is nothing more than a collection of stuff you want to hang together, so if that idea is done too much, what are we supposed to hang on our walls?? Sometimes I really don’t understand the ideas of so-called designers. Anyhow, the concept of a gallery wall is still alive and thriving and honestly, it probably always will be. So if you want to hang a group of anything on your wall, I have the easiest shortcut for you. No measuring, no leveling, just simple.

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Everlasting Balloon Bouquet- Your new favorite party decorating trick!

Make those party balloons last as long as you want this super simple secret from




I am about to share a life-changing secret with you. Okay, maybe not life changing, but it will certainly change the way you decorate for parties. I have been doing this for years and no one has ever been able to figure it out.

















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End of School Countdown

Count down the days til summer with this fun and unique stack of books countdown!




Are you starting to look forward to summer break? How about the kids? My son has been asking “how many more days of school?” since the end of spring break. For a while my answer was just “Ummm… a lot…” but finally I decided it would probably just be easier, (and more fun for him) if he had a countdown. 

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Natural Wood Rustic Floating Shelves

A detailed DIY tutorial to build floating shelves from solid wood.






Floating shelves are pretty “in” right now, and I love the idea and look of them. The only problem is that they tend to lend themselves to more of a modern feel than what really fits with our home’s style. These rustic, natural wood floating shelves are the perfect compromise.














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Why I do laundry everyday... and why you'll want to as well!

Save yourself time and frustration with this great laundry tip from







I hate doing laundry. Seriously, I would clean the toilet everyday if it meant I didn’t have to do laundry. Okay, I may be exaggerating a bit, I mean I have a 6-year-old boy so obviously scrubbing the toilet (and the neighboring area) is no cup of tea, but I think you get my point. 













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Towel Storage

Free up some storage space with this surprisingly easy towel storage idea!




I know I’ve mentioned it at least once or twice before (okay, maybe more like 100 times…ugh, I sound like a Justin Bieber song), anyhow, I am constantly searching for ways to incorporate more storage into our home. I totally succeeded with that in our bathroom makeover. Today I am going to share the first big storage solution.













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Sandpaper Artwork Transfer

Transfer your child's drawing to an article of clothing for an awesome one-of-a-kind creation they can wear proudly!



During spring break, my little man and I squeezed in as many fun crafty projects as we could, and this one was definitely his favorite. We originally started with the plan to make a t-shirt, but when we couldn’t find the right size shirt at the one and only store he was willing to visit, we ended up selecting an apron instead. I’m glad we did because with me as his mom, he really should have an apron for projects. J



















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Bathroom Makeover Part One

Part one of our bathroom makeover.




This project has been a long time coming. Literally, I started it over a year ago. I was cleaning the bathroom one day, dusting the trim, when I suddenly decided that I couldn’t stand the gaps any longer.









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Colorful Bird Nests

A colorful spring project that your kids will love... and so will the birds!

Spring is such a lovely time of year. Especially here in Michigan, after months of looking at brown trees, grey skies and muddy snow, we finally start seeing a bit of color again. This has been a really strange spring though. In the last 4 days alone, we have had beautiful warm sunny weather and green grass, followed by 6 inches of snow the next day, the third day brought more warmth and melted all of the snow, then the 4th day we got more snow. It’s driving me nuts. I am ready for bright beautiful color. 











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Easy and Inexpensive "Art"

Fill your home with easy and inexpensive vintage "art". from 




I don’t know about you, but I am kinda on a vintage kick right now. Which is perfect because I just found the best way to acquire easy and inexpensive vintage “art”!














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How to Make Your Headband Stay Put

Make those pesky headbands stop sliding off your head! From





I love wearing headbands, but I (like so many others) have a terrible time getting them to actually stay where I want them. They are constantly slipping off the back of my head. Finally, I decided to do something about it and get them to actually stay put!






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DIY Wedding Song Sign

Create a beautiful decoration to help cherish the memory of your first dance. From





Do you remember the song from the first dance at your wedding? Is that the kind of thing that most people remember? Or is that just my husband and I?














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Shamrock Shirt

Shamrock Shirt




My husband and I consider ourselves Irish, though Irish-ish is probably more accurate. We each have about 25% Irish heritage so it's not completely unfounded, but we tend to embrace it.










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A"MAZE"ing Valentines

Create these a-maze-ing valentines! With a free printable. From






It’s that time of year again. The time when we buy some silly trinket, find a mildly witty way to make a cute play on words, and turn it into a statement about love or friendship. That’s right, I am talking about school valentines. Despite my apparent criticism of the practice, I am a total dork for it. Mildly witty is my favorite type of humor, so in spite of my 6-year old’s tendency to take most things very literally, I fully embrace this tradition every year.











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