From Old Chairs to Beautiful Bench

A full tutorial to turn two old, decrepit chairs into a beautiful bench. From





Continuing with the “curb appeal” projects, I really wanted to turn these two broken and miserable chairs into a welcoming bench. As always happens when I am working on a particularly fun or interesting project, Patrick came home and took over, deciding that my way wasn’t quite good enough. Okay, he would never actually say that, but he did have an awesome way to make it even better. His way was much more difficult too though, so I am going to share both ways. :-)






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From Curtain to Outdoor "Rug"

When the outdoor rug you fall in love with is actually a curtain panel... I found a way to make it work.






You know how some parents feel like they suddenly have more time once the kids go back to school? Heck, I even know a couple of people who find themselves with so much time they are occasionally bored. I am NOT one of those people. I never have been, but this year is so much worse.









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Scrap Wood Walkway

Create this simple scrap wood walkway in your yard. It's a beautiful rustic touch for any outdoor space.






I don’t want to toot my own horn here, but we have a beautiful yard. Unfortunately, the truth is that every beautiful thing has it’s own dirty little secrets. **insert foreboding theme music** ;-)













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My "baby" is heading back to school...

The back to school season is upon us but that doesn't mean I have to be happy about it. :-) from






Wow… I can’t believe the summer is over. How did that go by so quickly?


















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10 Things I Learned from 10 Days of Vacation

There were several things that kept running through my mind, some are them are just plain silly, and a few are a bit more philosophical. Just bear with me as I take a small detour from the usual projects and such.

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Cafe Table Makeover

An old, worn out cafe table gets a fun new makeover!







A couple of years ago I bought an old café set at a garage sale. Now it finally got a makeover!
















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5 Tips for Better Bubble Painting

Bubble Painting is a pretty simple concept, but these 5 great tips will help ensure your experience is a bit more successful than mine was.






How do you measure the success of a kid’s art project? The actual end result of this activity was nothing like I has pictured in my head, but does it really matter? We had several hours of fun in the process so I am pretty sure that it was a success no matter what, but as an added bonus, I also learned a ton so that you can do better with the actual “art”.









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DIY Garden Arch

Repurposed bi-fold doors become a pergola style garden arch in just a few easy steps!




When Patrick and I bought our house the backyard was a neglected overgrown mess that gave the impression it may have been lovely garden at one time. We had big ideas for the space and while I had never in my life tried to grow a plant, I decided that I would save all of the original owner’s plants and use them in the garden we were going to build.

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Bathroom Makeover- The Final Reveal

The bathroom makeover is complete, and it's finally time for the big reveal!




Over the past few weeks I have been sharing all of the projects we did in our bathroom makeover, but a project is more than the sum of it’s parts. So now it’s time for the big reveal! Come on in and check it out.















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Barnwood Apothecary Cabinet

A truly unique, sliding door, medicine cabinet. Made from reclaimed barn wood.




We use reclaimed wood for nearly everything we do. In our world “reclaimed” could mean that the wood came from just about anything, but rarely do we get our hands on actual barnwood. So when we ended up with an old barnwood door, we had to use the wood for something extra cool. Now it’s finally time to share the final project in our bathroom makeover, which is also our barnwood project. I hope you guys are going to love it as much as I do! 

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A Very Happy Lego Birthday Party

Get all the details for a fantastic Lego Birthday Party! from





A few months ago my son turned 6, and as so many kids do at that age, he chose a Lego birthday party.  I am one of those moms, and I tend to go a little overboard in the birthday party department. He is my only child and his birthday is in the middle of winter when there really isn’t much else going on, so I really get into it. (Though my dear friend totally showed me up recently with her son’s glow-in-the-dark Star Wars theme party. It’s okay, I still like her though. J) Anyhow, with so many fun projects going on around here, it took me awhile, but I finally have time to show you the party. Just ignore the snow outside the windows!





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From Old Window to New Medicine Cabinet

Turn an old window into extra bathroom storage space with this great tutorial from




If you have been hanging around The Refurbished Home for the last few weeks, you know that we are sharing the details of our bathroom makeover. Now it’s time to share the 5th project in the series.
















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How to create the ultimate tablecloth for your next party!

Create this awesome tablecloth for your next party! from

My son’s birthday is in the middle of winter. While I absolutely love living here 9 months out of the year, in the middle of winter it can be rather drab. The world around us is alternating shades of white and brown, and if you haven’t figured this out yet, I am a big fan of color. So while my reasoning for mentioning this is partly to distract from the fact that it took me more than 4 months to get around to posting about his Lego birthday party, it is also an explanation of my frame of mind when I came up with this awesome party table cloth. Color, color, color… yes please!

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The Easiest Way to Hang a Gallery Wall

The absolute easiest way to hang a gallery wall. No tape measure, no level, just simple. From




The term “gallery wall” has been used so much it is starting to sound cliché. Some people are starting to say that gallery walls are over done, but does that even make sense? A gallery wall is nothing more than a collection of stuff you want to hang together, so if that idea is done too much, what are we supposed to hang on our walls?? Sometimes I really don’t understand the ideas of so-called designers. Anyhow, the concept of a gallery wall is still alive and thriving and honestly, it probably always will be. So if you want to hang a group of anything on your wall, I have the easiest shortcut for you. No measuring, no leveling, just simple.

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Everlasting Balloon Bouquet- Your new favorite party decorating trick!

Make those party balloons last as long as you want this super simple secret from




I am about to share a life-changing secret with you. Okay, maybe not life changing, but it will certainly change the way you decorate for parties. I have been doing this for years and no one has ever been able to figure it out.

















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